Teen Helps Keep Displaced Families Warm

Inspired by Her Sister’s Gift, Teen Starts Blanket Project for Displaced Families

By MJ Vieweg, Staff Writer

After hearing a presentation about Family Promise, a temporary shelter for displaced families, thirteen-year-old Anna Frey knew she wanted to help.  At the end of the presentation, Anna approached the speaker.  “I asked if the families at the shelter could use blankets but keep those blankets for their own after leaving,” Anna said. “The speaker said yes!”

Anna began by making one fleece blanket per week with a goal of twenty blankets to deliver to the shelter.  “I thought of these soft blankets because my sister made me one and I really like it.  Especially since she made it for me,” she said.  “Hopefully, the families in the shelter will realize that someone was thinking about them when they choose a blanket to keep.”

To help with that goal, Anna turned to Start A Snowball for help.  With a $100 grant, Anna was able to purchase the fleece material to make more blankets to add to the six she had already completed.

Anna wants to expand her project by reaching out to other community service organizations.  “I would like to keep this going by introducing the Family Blanket Project  to Girl Scout groups, or members of Girls Night Out at the YMCA, or any organization looking for a service projects that kids can do,” she said.

Anna is a great example of how one person can make a difference to those in need. To help Start A Snowball continue to help kids like Anna make an impact please consider donating or applying for a grant to support a youth led project.

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