Teen Encourages Others to be free from Bullying

Teen Encourages Others to “Live Freely Without Their Harm”

By MJ Vieweg, Staff Writer

Inspired by the lyrics from a Black Veil Brides song, fifteen-year-old Katy Durbin has started an anti-bullying project called “Operation Saviour”.  A line in the song may speak to teens who endure bullying by recognizing their desire to “just live freely without (their) harm”.

“That song specifically inspired thousands of teens to keep living through bullying,” Katy said.  “I myself am bullied and I would like it to stop.”

Katy delivers a short Powerpoint lecture and follows up with activities and games to encourage teens who are bullied to stand up for themselves.  She turned to Start A Snowball for a $100 grant to purchase supplies to make educational posters and provide snacks at her presentations.  “I like to offer a snack to kids who are having a really rough time of it because food always helps,” she said.

Katy hopes to partner with local schools and start “Operation Saviour” chapters so teens can learn how to resist bullying.  “I want to help kids that are being bullied see that it’s not the end of the world and to keep their heads up,” Katy said.

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