Remember Our Titans


High School Students Help Their Former Classmates Make it in College

By Abbigayle Hunt, Contributing Writer

Once tuition is paid and books are purchased, there is not usually a whole lot of money left for college students to spend. Quite often, there is not enough money for fun, and the thought of taking finals and studying without any kind of pick-me-up can be daunting. With those things in mind, 16-year-old Ryan Goodlett started “Project Remember Our Titans” to benefit low-income high school graduates who were accepted into college, and to raise awareness and support of their academic endeavors.

The idea was born when Ryan sent a package to his best friend who was away at school. He started thinking about other college students who might not have much financial support. With this in mind, he and fellow students met after school once a month and held fundraisers, gathered donations, held up signs, and then purchased and organized care packages, which included movies, gift cards, baked goods, books and school supplies. In addition to the fundraising and donations he gathered, Ryan received a $100 donation from Start a Snowball, which helped him purchase supplies and ship them to college students in need.

From August 2014 to May 2015, Ryan and his after school group sent a total of 25 care packages to three men and three women at college. But the project didn’t just benefit the students who received packages. According to Ryan, the project also “created awareness among current students of the importance of supporting fellow Titans at all points of their educational journey.” Ryan will lead the project next year during his senior year of high school, and hopes to expand it further so that he can reach even more Titans. Are the graduates grateful? You bet. Ryan has received many thanks from the college students who benefited from his packages.

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