Rainbow Pack Helps Kids With School Supplies

rainbow pack helps kids

Start A Snowball Grant Helps Kids Color a Brighter Future

By MJ Vieweg, Staff Writer

Thirteen-year-old Riley Gantt, of Sherman Oaks, California, helps kids, and turned to Start A Snowball for help closing what he calls the ‘achievement gap’ that divides students attending schools in low-income areas and their counterparts in more affluent areas.

“I started Rainbow Pack to help elementary schools that have low-income populations.  We have been told that almost all of the families we help live at or below the poverty level.  They can’t afford basic school supplies to have at home so that the kids can do their homework,” he said.

Students receive backpacks (“Rainbow Packs”) filled with all manner of school supplies necessary to complete homework assignments.  The $100 grant from Start A Snowball was used to purchase more than 200 boxes of crayons to add to the backpacks.

Since May 2014, Gantt’s organization gave out over 2200 backpacks.  A back-to-school event was organized in August 2014 to distribute the Rainbows Packs.

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