PKU Fundraiser Inspired by Friendship

PKU bakesale

 Girl Raises over $4000 to help friend and PKU Research

By MJ Vieweg

Staff Writer

Eleven-year-old Elizabeth (Mizzi) Carlin has a friend with phenylketonuria (PKU).  PKU is a genetic metabolic disorder.  “You can have little or no protein because (your body) can’t break it down,” Mizzi explains.  “This disease does not getPKU fundraiser much media attention or funding for research.  I am inspired by my friend and want to find a cure in his lifetime.”

Her goal was to raise $500 for PKU research.  She planned a bake sale fundraiser and hoped to also sell t-shirts to help increase PKU awareness.  A grant from Start A Snowball enabled Mizzi to purchase t-shirts to sell.  She was able to give 100% of the sales of the t-shirts directly to PKU research.

“My friend with PKU came to the bake sale and he was able to reach out to people and talk about what PKU is and how he lives with it.”  Mizzi said.  “Because of the bake sale someone else in the community with a child with PKU reached out to my friend’s mom.”

Mizzi set out hoping to raise $500 dollars during this first fundraiser.  She ended up raising over $4000 to help benefit The Mid-Atlantic Connection for PKU and Allied Disorders to fund PKU research in a hope to find a cure for her friend.

And she didn’t stop there! Mizzi was so inspired by a young girl in her neighborhood who is battling cancer that her and her brother donated their hair. They were able to donate over 10 inches of hair in each of 4 pony tails in honor of their neighbor.

This is a truly inspiring family, and we are proud to have been able to play a part in helping Mizzi reach her goal and help find a cure for her friend with PKU. To donate to Mizzi’s efforts click here. You can also follow Mizzi’s efforts on her Facebook Page.  If you would like to learn more about PKU click here.  You too can apply for a grant to support a youth like Mizzi and her project, you can also donate to help us continue to supply grants to kids like Mizzi to help them do good.



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