William’s Week For Back Pack Buddies – Fighting Childhood Hunger

The Food Drive is Kid Fighting Childhood Hunger

William raised $305 and 1400 lbs of food for Back Pack Buddies

William raised $305 and 1400 lbs of food for Back Pack Buddies

William planned “William’s Week for Back Pack Buddies” which benefited the Back Pack Buddies Program at his school. The Back Pack Buddies ProgramĀ  (“BPB”) is run by the Interfaith Food Shuttle in partnership with local elementary schools. The program provides backpacks full of food for children from food-insecure homes. The children in need take home a backpack containing 6 meals each Friday. William’s concern was that for Spring Break this year, the children are out of school for 10 days. He knew that 1 backpack wouldn’t last for 10 days, so he decided to find a way to get enough food that the children would stay full for the entire Spring Break. He formulated a plan that included approaching 2 local businesses for their support and then promoting his project to various groups. He talked with the owner and marketing manager of a local Mexican restaurant, and convinced them to give free cheese dip to anyone that donated an item of food off the approved “Backpack Buddies Food List”. He initially asked the restaurant to do this for one night, but the owner of the restaurant was so impressed by William that he extended the event to 3 days. The restaurant created at Facebook page for their part of the event and received an amazing response. William also approached the manager of a local grocery store and convinced the manager to let him stand outside of the store for 2 days and solicit donations for BPB. At first, the manager was a little hesitant, but William asked the manager to “think win/win” and noted that people would be buying more groceries than normal (meaning more income for the store) and William would get more food for BPB. The manager was speechless and told William that he was extremely impressed with his drive. Then,William made speeches about the event at Church and at Scouts, and distributed flyers throughout our neighborhood. Then, despite having sustained a concussion while roller skating a few days prior these events, William visited the restaurant all 3 of the days they held their event, and then stood outside of the grocery story soliciting


William Collected 3600 lbs of food and over $9000 in his second hear.

donations for over 10 hrs. So, over a weekend, William collected approximately 1,400 lbs of food and $305 in cash donations for BPB. The school was so overwhelmed and excited about the donations. The guidance counselor immediately realized that she could send home a backpack full of food every day between the delivery date and the start of spring break and the kids would get enough food to keep them full over spring break. William inspired his friends, Church members, neighbors and members of the community to donate to this worthy cause. When he was only 7 years old and in the 1st grade he already had the compassion and ability to think beyond his own needs. He had amazing initiative and willingness to work for good through his philanthropy efforts.

William has continued his project and has experienced even more success in 2014. He expanded to 4 grocery stores in addition to the restaurant. He spoke about his project to his second grade

class, his entire school, on the local news, at church, and at Cub Scouts. He has now created his very own website to help put all the information about his project in one place, and has now received worldwide attention for his work. So far in 2014 he has collected over 3500 pounds of food and over $4000 in donations. He has recently been contacted by The National Peanut Board, andĀ has received $3500 from them to help continue to fight childhood hunger.. He has truly started a snowball!

In another update to this fabulous story, William was at it again on 4/18/15. He worked with over 150 volunteers at 10 local grocery stores and collected 9000 pounds of food and $11,000 to help feed hungry kids in his community. That brings his total to almost 14000 pounds of food and over $21,000 he has collected! Keep up with his at www.thefooddrivekid.org.

The food drive kid fighting against childhood hunger

In his third year he collected 9000 lbs of food and $11,000 to fight childhood hunger!

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