NMR’s First Annual Autism Awareness Benefits Concert

Autism Awareness Day

By Lanie Pemberton, Contributing Writer

In November 2014, a snowball was started in Turlock, California.

That snowball came in the form of a group of teenagers who looked around and realized that the teen involvement in Turlock was not up to par. These teens wanted to make a difference, so they did something that would make a huge impact on their city: they founded NMR. Founded for teens and by teens, the mission of NMR is “to get youth in the Turlock area to be more active citizens by engaging in and promoting community service and social activities”.

In order to make a difference in their community, the teens that make up NMR host monthly socials and bimonthly community service projects. One project in particular really stood out as a game-changer for the community of Turlock- the NMR club’s Autism Awareness Benefit Concert. The club was passionate about the success of this event, as several of the members have autistic siblings.

The goal of the Autism Awareness Benefit Concert was to raise awareness and funds for families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Turlock/Modesto communities. The concert was preceded by a two-month long process in which the NMR teens planned and raised funds. They approached local business owners and asked for sponsorship, and they hosted fundraisers at multiple schools in order to raise enough money to book the concert venue. They also sold merchandise and club shirts in order to bring in even more funds for the benefit concert.

NMR received a grant from Start A Snowball in the amount of $100 for the Autism Awareness Benefit Concert. The club members stated that the grant money “went towards the initial expenses of printing tickets and making flyers” and that it also helped the event to look more professional. The grant also helped the club to buy a professional domain name and create an official website. The website will allow for continued growth of NMR.

NMR’s Autism Awareness Benefit Concert, held on April 18, 2015, was a great success! The teens were thrilled with the outcome of the event, saying that “many people were interested in our club and our causes after the concert was over”. The concert helped the club to raise and donate $600 to the Carlos Vierra Foundation, which gives aid to families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The event was so successful that the teens have decided to make it an annual event with the help of local businesses in Turlock.


For more information on NMR and the amazing teens who are making a difference in their community, check out their website here.


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