How Nerds Rule Inc is Helping the Homeless

Have you ever looked at a homeless person on the street and wondered how they got there? Maybe they lost their job and couldn’t find another one, or maybe they just fell on hard times and lost everything. Have you ever wished you could have done something to help those people? Well that’s exactly what Nerds Rule Inc is trying to do. This post will provide more information on the group and what they’re doing.

What is Nerds Rule Inc?

Nerds Rule Inc is a group whose goal is to see that no man, woman or child has to live homeless on the street because of devastating circumstances and that each person is able to receive the personal attention necessary to overcome their homelessness.

How do they accomplish their goal?

They accomplish their goal by traveling, working hand in hand with teams of volunteers and other organizations that that provide food, clothing, and other necessities to those who are homeless and in dire need of supplies.

What do the homeless care packages consist of?

In addition to providing food in the homeless care packages, each person has the opportunity to to get educational material to return to school or go to college, job placement or training.

How has Nerds Rule Inc gotten volunteers for their project?

Nerds Rule Inc works with several schools and universities that provide tutoring for some of the students. They also run a Nerds Rule Inc radio show that they use to recruit volunteers over the air. How long was their event?

Have they had any events?

They had a one-day event that started on April 25, 2015.

What was the purpose of the event?

The event helped and encouraged those who are homeless and may be hurting, and show each individual that people in the community care about them and what they them to know what they matter.

Are they doing anthing else to education the community?

Yes, they are also creating a documentary called “The Faces of the Homeless,” They want to attempt to break down the stereotypes usually associated with the homeless and show that, in a post-recession economy, losing your home happens to every day people.

How can I find out more about Nerds Rule, Inc?

You can find out more about Nerds Rule Inc and their various programs by visiting their website.

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