Kids Community Service Project Ideas

Kids community Service Project Ideas

Kids Community Service Project Ideas

Our goal at Start A Snowball is to inspire kids to engage in doing good. We also offer grants to kids to help them get their projects off the ground, if you find a service project idea you like please visit our grants page to apply for a kids’ community service grant.

So many times kids want to get involved in service and philanthropy but they don’t know what to do. Here is a good list of kids service project ideas to use with your kids as you brainstorm ideas. Click on the categories below and be inspired. 

Community     Education (2)

Environment-AnimalsHealthcare (1)

How can kids fight hunger     Ideas to raise money

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You can also find stories about some of our grantees and their community service projects in our stories section.

Click Here for additional ideas and organizations with whom you can work.

Please help us continue to provide grants and resources to kids who are undertaking their own projects to make a difference, and donate to Start A Snowball.

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23 Responses to “Kids Community Service Project Ideas”

  1. Lina Libasci on

    Good morning, my name is Lina Libasci I’m a staff member of Bronx High School of Bussiness. I’ looking for community service for my student. Is there anyway that you can assist me and help my student to do community service? Thank you hope to hear from you soon.

    • macwinslow on

      Thanks for reaching out. We generally help provide resources to kids that are putting together their own community service projects. If you are looking for a list of opportunities for community service you can find a great database at

  2. Raheem McQueen on

    I’m a facilitator in Philadelphia called; the TOP (Teen Outreach Program). Are mission is to work with students from grade 6 to 12th and to reduce truancy, suspension teen pregnancy amongst other challenges. Also, following the TOP curriculum are mission is to introduce community services learning (CSL) to our students. The students are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours before the end of the school year. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of access to programs that would support our (CSL) since we are new to Philadelphia. If you could assist us or provide information to cites that need students to voluntarily their services. Can you call me at 215 887-6300 ext 185 via email. I would like to discuss more about the purpose of our program.

  3. Leena on

    Hi, I am Leena and i am looking for some community service that i can contribute in. I can do anything just email me if you have any reply’s. Thank You.

  4. Bianca on


    I am a homeschooling mom located in RI. I have a 5 and 6 year old, what are some ways they can provide community service to their community? Thanks so much!!

  5. Jaimarie on

    I would like for my children to get involved in some community service projects during summer break. Any info or advice would help. They are 10, 9, and 5. Thanks.

  6. Yolanda Pagan on

    Hi my name’s yolanda and I need to do 30 hours community service. Do not know how to do it thank you and I live in Quincy Mass


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