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In the spring of 2013 a first grader named William came to his parents and told him that he hadn’t been sleeping well. When he was asked why he told his parents that he was really worried about some of the kids at his school. The kids to whom he was referring were the children who received food each week from his school’s Backpack Buddies program. This program sends backpacks of food home each weekend with children who are identified as being “food disadvantaged.” This is supposed to feed them until they can get back to school to receive free breakfast and lunch. William said that spring break was coming up and he didn’t think 1 backpack of food would be enough to feed them over the extended break, and he wanted to do something about it. When his parents asked him what he wanted to do he put together a week long food drive that enlisted help from his favorite Mexican restaurant and local grocery store. By the end of the week, even though William didn’t seem surprised at all, his parents were astonished. His plan had raised 1400 pounds of food and $310 in cash for his schools program. Because of this extra backpacks were sent home in the weeks leading up to spring break so that none of the kids went hungry. In addition, students who previously couldn’t be accommodated were able to be added to the program.

The success of this project was not just measured in the benefit to William’s chosen charity. It inspired an entire community to become more involved in the issues around them. Because of what they witnessed could happen when a single child became determined to help and had the support necessary to make it a success, William’s parents decided that if kids choose to help the world around them they deserved the necessary support. In order to offer a place to inspire kids to take on their own projects as well as supply funding to help them get it off the ground in late 2013 they started Start A Snowball. We want to make kids community service cool.


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Please note that Start A Snowball is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.