Kids are Making a Difference Through Leadership

project next generation making a difference

By Kim Szalach, Contributing Writer

At 16, most kids would want to hang out with friends, listen to music or go to the movies. But some kids, like the ones behind Project Next Generation are out in the community making a difference.  They are the leaders in a new movement of young people who are looking to guide even younger kids ages 10 to 14 to do better and to “speak up”.  To speak up for what is right, to speak up for what is just and to speak up for themselves.  The Mission of Project Next Generation is to mentor and inspire younger kids to build leadership skills and to excel at making a difference in their own communities.

Project Next Generation does this through a variety of ways. They hold specific classes on public speaking and student campaign seminars, as well as career expos and an international diplomacy program.  Prior to their grant being funded, they held a Middle School World Peace and Leadership Program where the students role played as diplomats from many countries around the world.  It was there that the “goal to teach students what it means to be global citizens was achieved”.  Project Next Generation and the teens involved believe that we have a responsibility to young people to help them become educated and concerned citizens.

Recently Project Next Generation was awarded a grant through Start a Snowball.  This grant was awarded based on all of the above attributes of the organization. The group is comprised of great kids doing great things. This specific grant of $100.00 was requested to fund new programs for youth in Massachusetts, where Project Next Generation was founded.  The money did exactly what was expected.  A Presidents Day workshop was held on February 16, 2015 for 15 students.  At this workshop they learned about past, present and future leaders of the world.  The attendees were able to run mock presidential campaigns and hold a press meeting.  The students were also given a tour of the Bourne Fire Department. According to the leaders of the workshop, the attendees were greatly inspired by meeting such wonderful leaders of the local community. The leaders within the community must also be inspired by such wonderful students who would spend their day off from school not “hanging out” but learning how to enhance the lives of those around them.  Great job Project Next Generation, keep up the good work!

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