The Hydro Harvest Club is Feeding The Hungry

The Hydro Harvest Club is Feeding The Hungry

By MJ Vieweg,  Staff Writerhydroponics is feeding the hungry

A $100 grant from Start a Snowball  has helped fifth grade teacher Becky Cicione start a hydroponic garden to provide vegetables for needy families in her Spring Hill, Florida community.  Though Cicione spearheaded the project, she intends to give her students control of the project and take on a role a facilitator.

hydro harvest feeds the hungry“I want the students to take ownership of the project so they can see and feel the outcome,” she said.

The overall goal of the project is to teach students the fundamentals of hydroponics and that there are easy ways to give back to the community.  With the money from Start A Snowball, Cicione purchased water buckets, liquid fertilizer and a PH Digital Reader.

Shortly thereafter, several families in the community received delicious, organic vegetables.  Cicione would like to see the project continue each year.  “Once the plants start being able to harvest more, even more families will be provided fresh vegetables,” she said.  “This will be a unique way for studentskids feeding the hungry to give back to the community and to learn the fundamentals of growing their own food.

Teaching kids life skills is what schools are supposed to do, but many times kids aren’t taught how to help others around them. Start A Snowball is proud to sponsor schools in their efforts to teach kids how to help others. If you would like to apply for a grant to support a service learning or student led project at your school, or to donate to help Start A Snowball help other kids who are feeding the hungry please click the buttons below.

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