Helping build a stronger community can mean a lot of things, helping the elderly, working together towards common goals to help you neighbors, fighting homelessness, or encouraging the arts. Kids can make a tremendous difference in the world, and where better to start than in their own community.

Elder Care
  • Make cards for the home bound
  • Help with chores and yard work for those that can’t do it anymore
  • Make treats for a senior’s home
  • Make emergency prep kits for the elderly in your area to make sure they are ready
  • Make goody bags for parents to keep in their car and give to someone in need
  • Make meals for homeless
  • Make blankets with Maddie’s Blankets to donate – small blankets for animal shelters to use or large blankets for youth in foster care, shelters, or transitional housing.
  • Check our Warm Winters and you can help them distribute warm clothing to the homeless
  • Make a no-sew fleece blanket for a child in need through Project Linus
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