Hot Chocolate is for Warriors


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The Brewer Family, with 4 kids ranging in age from 4-8 years old has a family tradition of service.  Each Christmas, they set up a neighborhood hot chocolate stand to raise funds for someone in need.  Each year the kids get to choose a different charity to receive the proceeds of their hot chocolate stand. With their close proximity to Fort Bragg, and Seymour Johnson AFB, this year they decided to dedicate all of their proceeds to help Train a Dog, Save A Warrior, a Texas based group dedicated to training and providing medical alert service dogs to veterans returning home from battle at no charge.

December 21, 2013 was their 4th year doing this and during the previous 3 years they have raised over $2,000 in donations selling hot chocolate to their neighbors. This year during their 4th annual sale they raised over $1,000 for Train a Dog, Save A Warrior with more donations still coming in the mail.  So far, they are very close to their goal of $1,250, which will cover half the cost of training one dog. Their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, Firemen, Scouts, Y guides, and strangers showed up to support the cause. The kids all had a great time seeing their friends and the adults enjoyed connecting with both new and familiar faces. They are already planning for next year saying, “We have captured our lessons learned and ideas for what to do different next year, so we can continue to increase our goals.”

The Brewers have made a family tradition out of this because, in their own words, “It not only raised funds to train a dog, but brought our community together.” It is amazing how much difference can be made in our world by one person or one family deciding that they are going to dedicate some time and money to helping a cause that touches them.  One hot chocolate stand started quite the snowball of projects for this family, and what a great affinity for service they are cultivating among the children in their community.


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