Help Brae’s Brown Bags (3B) Continue to Provide Food to Low Income and Homeless People

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By Erica Martin, Contributing Writer

Have you ever read reports about homeless people on the Internet, or heard about them on the news, and wondered how you could help them? ¬†One 10 year old boy decided to take a proactive stance and started a program to deliver food to homeless and low income people, and became one of Start A Snowball’s early grantees in June of 2014.

What is Brae’s Brown Bags?

Brae’s Brown Bags, or 3B, is an organization that was started by a 10 year-old boy named Braeden. He came up with the idea after he won the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and got to sit with First Lady Michele Obama at the Kids’ State Dinner when he was 9. Since then, his idea has become an official 501(3) charity, he has written and received two grants and won several awards. He has handed out over 1,200 bags of healthy snacks and clean water to the homeless.

What else has 3B accomplished?

In addition to handing out bags of food to homeless people in shelters, soup kitchens, schools and in the street, Braeden has also talked to youth about his project, and has also encouraged them to find ways to make changes in their communities. He has also attended packing events, fundraising events, and has spoken at several sessions about his ideas on food insecurity. He has also been invited to speak at the Senate Legislative Hall and hosted a Race Against Hunger at his elementary school, and participated in the University of Delaware’s Day of Service. He is also working with the Food Bank of Delaware to raise awareness about food insecurity.

What are the future plans for Brae’s Brown Bags?

Braeden wants to continue to reach out to other non-profits to see if they could benefit from his project. He also wants to work with legislators to get the word out about his project, and the need for other such projects. He also plans to continue doing fundraising and raising awareness on his social media accounts and his blog.

How can I find out more about 3B?

You can find out more about Braeden and his project on his blog,


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  1. Leslie kurtz on

    My husband does not have a job right now. We live in houston and wish some hero would come to there rescue also. Your mom shows on tv just how proud she is of you and I’m so glad she recognized your dream and helped you succeed in your quest. I give something always when I run across homeless pandering on the corner streets here. I want to keep up with you so when my husband goes back to work we agreed to donate to your cause. I give you a high 5


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