Teenage Girls Leverage Ski Resorts to Help Homeless

Teenagers help homeless

Grant Money Gets Ski Resorts Involved in ‘Warm Winters’ to Help Homeless

By MJ Vieweg, Staff Writer

In 2011, Corinne Hindes noticed a need in her community, and with the wisdom of a child, found a simple way to fill that need.  The homeless in her Walnut Creek, CA community lacked warm clothing.  “I was a ski racer at a local ski resort and I noticed that the lost and found (bin) at the resort was overflowing with warm coats, hats and gloves,” Corinne said.

Corinne and her friend Katrine are the co-founders of Warm Winters.  The girls founded the organization in as a way to distribute the unclaimed clothing at the ski resort to the area’s homeless population.  They were 11 years old then.

Now in 2014, they are working with five ski resorts throughout California and Nevada.  The $100 grant from Start A Snowball helped expand the work of Warm Winters to ski resorts Teenagers help homelessacross the county.  The money went specifically to help pay for the Fall Outreach campaign printing and mailing costs.  Targeting 20 additional resorts this fall, the outreach campaign includes a letter of introduction which notes the endorsement of the National Association of Ski Areas (NSAA) and the request for donations of unclaimed clothing.

When a ski resorts agrees to partner with the girls, it becomes a true partnership.  The resort is asked to recommend teens from ski race teams to become teen volunteer leaders for WarmWinters.org who will train with WarmWinters.org to coordinate the distribution of the clothing, keep records and report back on their efforts each month.

Five years from now, the girls expect the program to be in 10 states partnering with 75-125 teen leaders to distribute warm clothing to 50,000 homeless people.

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