Girls Inspired to Spread the Word about Youth Ranch


girls help ranch

By MJ Vieweg, Staff Writer


Sixth-graders Amelia Sullivan and Auburn Bailey are two friends who wanted to help an organization that inspired them.  That organization is Sweetwater Youth Ranch in Leicester, North Carolina.

“Sweetwater helps troubled kids learn about building trust and responsibility with the horses,” Amelia said.  “The ranch is just getting started so they are in need of a lot of help.” Auburn is training at the ranch with the goal of becoming one of its volunteer counselors.

Last summer, the Girls manned a muffin and lemonade stand to raise money for the ranch.  The $44.11 profit that the girls donated to the Ranch bought two bags of Senior Horse Feed for an older horse.

Encouraged by their initial success, the girls decided to focus on a way to promote the ranch.  They used a $60 grant from Start A Snowball to hire a graphic designer to help them create a brochure for the ranch.  “Our goal is to get the word out about this amazing ranch,” said Amelia. “We hope the brochure will help people learn about Sweet Water Youth Ranch, which in the end is about helping the kids.”

If you have a project you would like to support please apply for a grant. You can also donate to help Start A Snowball continue to provide grants to more kids that want to make a difference.

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