Girl Inspired to Fight Cancer Makes a Huge Difference

kelseys dream to fight cancer

Kelsey’s Dream to Fight Cancer

By Paula Echeverria – Contributing Writer

The love between sisters is unbreakable, and the relationship between Kylie Kuhns and her older sister Kelsey proves to be remarkably strong. When Kelsey Kuhns was first diagnosed with cancer just before her 5th birthday, she made it adamant that she wanted to help other children that were going through similar circumstances. A girl whose heart was always filled with love wished to provide a way to grant happiness to others suffering from cancer. Three years after losing her life Kelsey’s Sister Kylie was set on keeping her sisters legacy and dream alive. The Kelsey’s Dream organization began in 2007, Kylie designed a play therapy toy named Hopper the Cancer Crush, a stuffed frog that wears hospital pajamas and a bandana, made to make other children smile with equipment’s that will make treatment more comfortable for children. Kylie has been unwavering in her goal of fulfilling her sister’s dream, in the past couple years Kylie has traveled around the country speaking and presenting Hopper the Cancer Crusher. She has even been on the Rachael Ray Show to present Kelsey’s Dream and its hopes as a nonprofit organization. Since the organization was founded in 2007, Kelsey’s Dream now has over 400 volunteers, and has raised over $325,000, having distributed 8,000 hoppers in 33 different states. The goal of Kelsey’s Dream is to play Hopper the Cancer Crusher in the hands of as many children with cancer as possible. Being a non-profit organization every penny that is received by Kelsey’s Dream is given to the children supported by the organization. Kelsey’s Dream defines success by simply touching the life of one child, one smile gives Kylie the motivation to keep working on her sister’s dream. The continuation of Kelsey’s Dream will only expand that impact and love. Kelsey always wanted everybody to stay strong and keep fighting, by placing Hopper the Cancer Crusher in the hands of children also suffering from cancer, Kelsey’s soul will live on by continuing to motivate other children to stay positive the way she always encouraged others to. Kelsey’s Dream is not only an illustration of compassion and love for others, but the devoted, unbreakable love of sisters.

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