Girl Helps Local Bird Sanctuary

Girls help bird Sanctuary

Trip to Local Bird Sanctuary Inspires Sixth Grader

Contributed by MJ Vieweg, Staff Writer


Lexie Wilder, a six-grade student in Las Vegas, Nevada received a $100 grant from Start A Snowball to help raise awareness for the Bird Sanctuary in her city.

“Kids do a lot to help dogs and cats at the animal shelter,” said Lexie.  “I help out there too. But this summer I went to a bird sanctuary where they had birds of all types: chickens, ducks, finches, parrots, mina birds, etc. As I walked around, two chicks kept following me wherever I went. I went back a few weeks later and it was as if they were waiting for me because they came right back to me once again.”

Lexie’s visit to the bird sanctuary not only inspired the project but also its the name: My Two Chicks. “After my first trip to the bird sanctuary, I decided to write a grant for a project to help the birds and chickens,” said Lexie. “One goal of the project is to raise awareness for the bird sanctuary in Las Vegas (and other cities) that might have a bird sanctuary so people know that besides dogs and cats at the local shelters, our city has a place for birds that are in need of rescue or hospice, or need a place called home.”

The $100 grant bought chicken feed, feeders and water dispensers. Volunteers painted the feeders and helped make posters to promote the bird sanctuary and Lexie’s project at the local feed store where the chicken feed was purchased. Lexie hopes to continue the project through the year and beyond with ongoing donations of feed and feed containers. “I plan on sharing my idea with other bird sanctuaries to see if they might enlist the help of kids who are around their city who are interested in helping with a similar project,” said Lexie.

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