Dads Teaching Kids about Community Service: An Open Letter

We would like to thank Start A Snowball Board of Directors member John Mize for this open letter to fathers about the importance of teaching kids about community service.
Dads teaching kids about community service

We live in a fast paced society.

Everything seems to happen so fast and there all to often appears to be too much for us to handle.  I get it, you’ve worked hard all week and on the weekend you want nothing more than to chill out, play a round of golf, or sit around in your boxers all day and scream at the television.

We have an opportunity!

As dads however we have a responsibility to help our children learn the value of giving back.  There is something that is humbling and at the same time powerful for a dad that is willing to drop the remote or the golf club and call his family to action.  There is really nothing more important as parents than teaching our children compassion and understanding.  Sometimes we get so focused on achievement with our kids, that we forget that it’s in the service of others that our children develop character.

Engaging in community service to help lift others, and working toward a common good developmentally are some of the best things we can do as fathers.

As the father of a special needs child along with my experience as a foster parent I can say with certainty that there is an absolute need to help kids learn compassion (as there generally appears to be a total lack) as well as understanding and really there isn’t a better avenue than in helping your kids engage in community service.

You want to build a lasting memory with your kids, volunteer at a soup kitchen or get the family out for a day at the Special Olympics.  I promise you your kids will never forget the experience and one day will look back and thank you for helping them see the world from a different perspective.

-Written by John Mize, Board of Directors, Start A Snowball

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