Childhood Hunger – A Cause Kids Can Get Behind

1 in 5 children are hungry

One of the biggest problems children face in America is hunger. According to, 1 in 5 American Children struggle with hunger. Just ask any public school teacher, and they will tell you that they see children come to school everyday that haven’t had enough to eat. For many children, the only regular meals they receive are breakfast and lunch provided at school. How can we expect the cycle of poverty to be broken when these children are hungry and learning takes a backseat to the emptiness of their stomachs?

Childhood hunger CAN BE HELPED, and its best advocates are children.  Many schools have programs in place to help these kids and their families the best they can, maybe it is a backpack program or a kids cafe. While these programs can have a huge impact on the children, they are reliant on donations or outside support to operate. If kids want to make an impact on their community this is a wonderful place for them to start. Even though these programs are confidential, the thought that the kid in the desk next to them may have no food can move a child to act. They can speak with their teacher or school counselor about what help their school’s program needs, and if they don’t have one, you can start one.

See Causes and Groups for Kids to Help for more ideas to help fight hunger.

You can also download our charity information form here to help your child gather what they need.

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