Camp Sobaco Girl Scouts’ Butterfly Garden

butterfly garden

Girls Work to Help the Butterfly Population

A $100 grant from Start A Snowball allowed the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County, to create the Butterfly Garden at Camp Sobaco. The Girl Scouts goal was to give the Monarch butterflies a safe place to stop when they travel from Canada to Mexico. In creating the garden, the girls hoped to increase the Monarch population (as well as the populations of other threatened butterfly species), to educate the kids at Camp Sobaco about Monarch butterflies, to make camp Sobaco more beautiful.


Girl Scouts of America is a nationwide organization which focuses on developing the character of the young women of the United States. Juliette Gordon Low formed a Girl Scout troop in March 12, 1912 in Savannah Georgia. Girl Scouts of America has blossomed from its humble beginnings, and today there are 2.8 million Girl Scouts across the country and around the world. Girl Scouts participate in many different programs and activities including learning about different cultures, science, cooking, and the environment. With every project, they learn to make the world a better place by helping others, and they have the ability to earn badges along the way which represent what they have learned.


The money from this grant allowed the girls to build a garden filled with plants and flowers that attract butterflies. They also planned to use the money to buy lumber in order to build a fence for the garden to rest from their long journey when they stopped in the garden. By creating this garden, the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County want to help endangered butterflies, as well as to teach the other children at Camp Sobaco more about the Monarch butterfly species.


Thanks to the $100 grant from Start A Snowball, the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County were able to turn an empty area of Camp Sobaco into a beautiful butterfly garden which provides a much needed resting point for Monarch butterflies during their migration, and an educational experience for all the children of Camp Sobaco.


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