Bath Bombs for Diabetes

Susan C. of Columbia, Maryland thinks a lot about Juvenile Diabetes, as two of her siblings have it.  She has always appreciated the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), having participated in five of their DC area walks.

At the same time, she has seen all the different clever bath products advertised on TV and displayed at the mall.  So she thought about making her own to contribute to the diabetes research cause, and asked Start a Snowball for help.

Bath Bombs for Diabetes


With help from friends & family and an array of ingredients on the kitchen table she made the bath bombs for diabetes from a recipe off the web, as shown below, and sold them door-to-door in her neighborhood.

With careful budgeting she cleared a profit and with excitement sent a check to the JDRF in August, 2014.

Bath Bombs for Diabetes


Susan said “I was so happy to contribute to the JDRF and it was fun making the different kinds of bath bombs– different colors and scents.  People who bought them really liked them, and none of this would have happened without the grant from Start a Snowball.”

Start A Snowball is passionate about supporting kids in their efforts to help others. We believe that through helping kids like Susan to do good we can encourage a generation of givers that, in adulthood, will tackle the problems facing our world unlike any generation we have seen.  If you would like to apply for a grant to help support a kid’s community service efforts click the button below.

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