Arizona 7th Grader Takes Action to Support Classmates

By MJ Vieweg, Staff Writer

Thanks to a $100 grant from Start A Snowball, twelve-year-old Kaitlyn Martinez was able to give backpacks full of school supplies to 175 of her schoolmates. She also provided 20 backpacks to one of the largest domestic violence shelters in her Arizona community. Kaitlyn is another example of a certain type of young person that not only notices when something is not right in her school or community, but sets out to do something about it.

“Last year a lot of kids in my class were not able to finish assignments because they did not have pen and paper at home and were too embarrassed to say anything,” said Kaitlyn. “I want to collect school supplies for kids in need. Many families do not have the money to buy them.”

Kaitlyn relied on support from her family, friends and community-at-large. She spread the word about her project, “Backpacks 4 Kids AZ”, on Facebook, by putting up flyers and placing a small print ad in the local paper. She also approached stores directly to ask for support for her project either by donating school supplies or by helping to promote it.

Kaitlyn hopes to continue the project next year, hoping to provide at least 300 backpacks with proceeds from planned fundraisers, a rummage sale and donations.

“I think my project was successful, seeing as this was the first year,” she said. “I am hoping I will be able to help even more kids next year.

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