An Angel of Hope Against Cancer

This 7th Grader is Making a Difference in the Fight Against Cancer

By Terquoia Cain, Contributing Writer

Cancer is a word that has become all too familiar. Unfortunately, at some point in life most people know of someone who is battling cancer. Perhaps they have cared for a loved one with cancer. Or maybe they themselves are a cancer survivor. For most people who have been affected by cancer there is a desire to help in some capacity, but there are few people who decide to take action. However, a young girl by the name of Julianna Cavarretta is an exception.

Julianna is a twelve-year-old, 7th grader who resides in southern California. Her great grandmother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. After Julianna learned of her great grandmother’s diagnosis she wanted to do something that would help to make a difference. Julianna knew that there was a need for cancer research. She decided to raise money that would go towards research and the treatment of breast cancer patients, by selling baked cupcakes and brownies. Julianna, along with the help of her friend, Samuel Garcia launched the project in June 2015. She received a $ 100.00 grant from Start a Snowball to jump start her project. The grant money was used to buy poster boards and other supplies to advertise the bake sale. The grant money also helped them distribute the baked goods.

For Julianna, baked goods and an important cause created the perfect recipe for sweet success! Her project produced a profit. All the proceeds were donated to City of Hope Hospital; which is located in Duarte, California. Julianna is thankful for the grant money she received from Start a Snowball. In fact, she wishes more organizations would make contributions for a good cause. Julianna’s story is proof that a sincere heart and a good idea can create a positive impact in the lives of others. Hopefully one day there will be an abundance of monetary resources for cancer research, and it will be eradicated.

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