8 Year Old Helps Kids in Need with Books and Bears

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8 Year Old Helping Kids in Need

Kids have huge hearts and a gift for helping others without thinking. Sometimes they don’t understand who it is that may need help, or that those that need help may be closer to them than they think.

Makenzie from Forsyth, Georgia wanted to do something to help other children for her 8th birthday party. At first, she wanted to collect shoes for kids in need of them. After having a hard time finding a program that handles shoes for kids in need, she found a program in her county called Books and Bears. According to their website, “Project Books & Bears is dedicated to providing joy, and improving the overall well-being of a child, by providing reading book and stuffed animals to children in group homes, shelters, and other organizations within the state of Georgia.”  This program enables social workers to give toys and learning materials to children that are shifted from place to place, helping these kids become grounded and feel valued during hard times.  Books and Bears are in need of book bags, books and small toys, and stuffed animals.  The book bags allow the kids have a way to keep their belongings in a way that can be quickly picked up and taken with them when they have to leave abruptly. The books are educational and don’t require batteries or power. The children are able to make a connection with someone when they sit down to read together. The stuffed animals are cuddly and are “someone” the kids can hug. This brings them a special comfort they may not otherwise have.  Mackenzie learned about this and asked people to bring book bags, books or small toys, and a stuffed animal to her birthday instead of presents. 

Makenzie got a huge response! She was thrilled to take everything she collected to the board of education for distribution and had quite the experience when she delivered her gifts. She realized kids that are in need don’t have a badge around their neck or look a certain way. It could be a child in her class or at her lunch table or beside her on the bus. She is excited about how much she was able to collect for the kids in need, and looks forward to doing another project again soon.

Many times all it takes to inspire kids to help others is for them to connect with those that need help.The feeling they get when they help their peers can go a long way towards building a life-long desire to help others.

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