4 Year Olds Help Homes of Hope India with Books on Their Birthdays

Girls collect books for homes of hope IndiaTeaching children to do good for others can be quite a challenge sometimes, especially with all of the competing priorities out there today. Parents can lead by example, get their kids involved when they can, and hope it sticks. It is a pretty good sign that a parent’s efforts are succeeding when a child takes up the torch and does something on their own to help others in need.

Two young friends in North Carolina were inspired by examples they had seen, and decided to do their part to help a cause that they had become passionate about. On March 1st, 2014, Charly and Fiona, in celebration of turning 4, chose to spread their joy to other little girls. At such a young age they have built a love for books and the stories they contain. When they heard about other little girls across the world in India that didn’t have the same access to books and stories, they knew just what to do.

Instead of having their party guests bring presents, the girls requested that the VIP ticket to their rock star party be a book for the girls at the Home of Hope orphanage in India.  The overwhelming generosity of their guests allowed the girls to collect over 50 books for donation. These books will go to help educate young girls in orphanages across Southern India, and help Homes of Hope India transform the lives of children who may have no other chance at a better life.Kids collect books for good

Charly and Fiona decided to make a difference for their birthday, and to sacrifice their gifts in exchange them for gifts for other kids in need. If you would like to apply for a grant to help fund a kids effort to help the world around them please click on the button at the bottom of the page.

“Homes of Hope India-US, a 501c3 registered charity, works in 32 orphanages, schools, junior colleges and social empowerment centers throughout South India to: rescue, shelter and educate orphaned and at-risk girls, provide education for the poorest of the poor, both girls and boys, empower women and improve the lives of poor families, both rural and urban.” http://www.homeofhopeindia.org/


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