1st Grader Feeds 50 of Her Classmates Each Weekend

girl feeds kids

Maryalice and her family saw a need and now feeds classmates

By Sharon Bayliss, Contributing Writer

Seven-year-old Maryalice has always been interested in helping people, and being small didn’t stop her from taking on a big problem–childhood hunger. According to the USDA, one in every five children struggles with hunger in the United States. Free breakfast and lunch programs support many of these children during the school week, but on weekends they may face an empty pantry.

Maryalice and her family decided to do something about it. With a $100 grant from the Start a Snowball Foundation, they were able to kick start a Pack-A-Sack program at Connerton Elementary in Land O’Lakes, Florida. Pasco Pack-A-Sack Food 4 Kids was created for children who do not have reliable access to food away from school. Pack-A-Sack sponsors like Maryalice assemble sacks which contain easy to prepare food items to support the nutrition and calorie needs for children over the weekend.


They plan to continue the program and extend their reach by providing nutritional support over the summer and additional services such as tutoring support, clothing donations, and school supplies.
Thanks to Maryalice and her Start a Snowball grant, fifty fewer children have to worry about their next meal over the weekend.

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